ZJ900YDT Hydraulic Super Single Trailer Rig

ZJ900YDT is a hydraulic Super single trailer rig.
Without drawworks and travelling block which must be equipped on conventional rig. A single-stage lift cylinder is used to replace the drawworks on conventional rig to fulfill the lifting and lowering of the power swivel and drilling tool.
A set of 522kW diesel engine is equipped to power hydraulic pump to realize various functions of the rig.
The rig is equipped with power swivel, hydraulic slips, iron roughneck, hydraulic winch and pipe handling system, etc.
The substructure and trailer of the rig are integrated as one module. Power system, hydraulic system, mast and pipe handling system are all set on the same trailer. During transportation, the overall mast is lowered. All components of the rig can be transported integrally without disassembly. Main equipment of the rig only has one transport module, so the disassembly and assembly is eliminated and the cost of transportation is saved.

Key features:
Multiple bit feed modes such as pressure feed, manual feed and automatic feed, etc. can be realized by the rig through controlling the cylinder with the electric-hydraulic integration control system.
Operation and control of the rig are executed through the operation console, and at the same time, drilling parameters (signals) can be displayed by the screen on the console. Driller operate with the optimized drilling parameters through the touch screen, so that the labor intensity is reduced and working efficiency is improved.