ZJ30/1350CT Hybrid Coiled Tubing Drilling Rig

Honghua ZJ30/1350CT hybrid coil tubing rig combines the drilling rig with the coil tubing operation equipment, so that either the coiled tubing or common drill pipe can be used for drilling. The maximum hook load of the rig is 135T and the injection head is driven hydraulicly. The maximum lifting force is 54T and the maximum injection force is 27T. The coil tubing is of maximum tripping speed of 48m/min and the drilling depth can reach 2000m using 3 1/2in coil tubing. The rig is highly automated with power swivel, iron roughneck, hydraulic slips, mechanical hand and so on, featured with high operating efficiency and low labor intensity,. Main equipment are installed on three heavy trailers, so high mobility can better satisfy the user’s demand on the exploration and development operations for shallow oil and gas reservoirs